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best exercises workouts to lose weight

20 Best Exercises and Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

Regular exercise is a necessary part of losing weight and also maintaining ideal body weight. Exercise can help prevent diseases and boost overall mood. Incorporating exercise in your weight loss program increases your chances of success rather than depending on diet alone. This article documents my own road of discovery and aims to help you choose the […]

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stay motivated lose weight

How to Change Your Mindset and Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Healthy diet and physical activity may be required to get that slim body you’ve always dreamt of, but your attitude about getting there plays an important role too. Your mindset is the difference between the successful weight loss and frustrating weight fluctuations.This article is for all those women (and men) who want to lose weight and keep it […]

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isometric exercises

How to Use Isometric Exercises to Improve Your Fitness Level

Isometric exercises are becoming very popular since they are proven to have efficacy in achieving and maintaining a fit body. They are executed without the muscles actually flexing or changing length. Your muscles become tense, but no part of your body is in motion. These exercises are practised by many fitness trainers in order to strengthen […]

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