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benefits of multivitamins

10 Amazing Multivitamin Benefits Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

Useless or useful? If you are totally confused and wonder whether spending your hard earned cash on a daily multivitamin is a good idea, you are not the only one.One day it seems that multivitamins are good for you, the other day it’s being reported that supplements could be harmful to your health. So what is […]

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best weighted blankets for adults kids

8 Best Weighted Blankets for Adults and Kids with Anxiety

For years, occupational therapists have been using weighted blankets as a calming therapeutic tool forchildren with sensory processing disorders. With anxiety affecting over 40 million adults in the US alone,it is no wonder that weighted blankets have recently gone mainstream.Similar to a hug from a loved one, the weighted blankets will calm the mind and […]

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banana tea for sleep insomnia

Does Banana Tea for Sleep Work? Benefits and Recipes

In today’s guide, I will be talking about banana tea for sleep, how it works and also its many benefits for insomnia as well as overall health and well being. I will also talk about some fantastic banana tea recipes which will not only help you deal with insomnia; they are also known to impart […]

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bariatric surgery nutrition

What You Must Know About Nutrition and Supplementation After Bariatric Surgery

Many people mistaken weight loss surgery (also known as bariatric surgery) to be a ‘magic pill’ for weight loss. That is not true. You will only be successful in losing weight with it if you change the way you live and eat for life afterwards. Of special importance is the diet post surgery.Many people lose weight […]

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rheumatoid arthritis symptoms signs

8 Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

You may have seen dozens of commercials on television about rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, or RA as it is commonly referred to and yet what do you really know about the dangers? Though you probably realize that RA is a painful joint ailment, do you know there are some very serious rheumatoid arthritis symptoms?Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) DefinedRheumatoid […]

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tamanu oil benefits

Tamanu Oil Benefits and Uses: Best Brands Review

If you like me, love natural remedies and health solutions, you need to learn about the wonders of tamanu oil, an amazing healing oil that you probably haven’t heard about.Tamanu oil can be safely used to nourish and promote healthy skin and treat many minor health issues and in this article, I would like to share […]

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stay motivated lose weight

How to Change Your Mindset and Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Healthy diet and physical activity may be required to get that slim body you’ve always dreamt of, but your attitude about getting there plays an important role too. Your mindset is the difference between the successful weight loss and frustrating weight fluctuations.This article is for all those women (and men) who want to lose weight and keep it […]

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