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how to make essential oil mosquito repellent and bug bites spray

Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent and Bug Bites Spray: 12 Easy Recipes

Prehistoric humans sat around the fire to repel mosquitoes. This could have very well been the first natural insect repellent. Fast forward to this century, people have again started looking for natural ways to repel bugs, especially mosquitoes. Malaria is an epidemic in over 104 countries and needless to say, we all want to protect ourselves […]

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lularoe leggings dresses tops skirts tunics

LuLaRoe Clothing Alternatives: Amazing Leggings & Dresses at Half Price

​​​​​Looking for Buttery Soft Leggings Like LuLaRoe?If you have not heard about LuLaRoe clothing, chances are that you have been living under a rock. Most people on Facebook and other popular social media sites know about this brand; because this is where most “pop-up parties’ for their clothing are advertised. The brand was started by a […]

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pitter patter portraits

Newborn Photography Ideas: 7 Tips for Sweet Baby Poses

Newborn photography offers a photographer with lot of opportunities to unleash their creativity in varied ways. A newborn baby, by all means, is a highly delightful subject to photograph; but, sometimes, it can also be nerve-wracking especially if you are not experienced. Unlike with adults, utilizing different poses in newborn photography can be quite challenging. […]

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