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microsoft office 365 home premium

How to be Organised and More Productive with Microsoft Office 365

When I purchased my first Microsoft Office 365 subscription in 2013, I never thought it would become the main tool not only to organise our family events and activities but also help run our home business efficiently.I am a planner and love writing lists and ideas down. I personally find that when things are written down, I am […]

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qantas frequent flyer woolworths everyday rewards

Qantas Frequent Flyer – How to Earn Points the Smart Way

Apart from watching sport, traveling seems to be Australia’s favourite pastime, with nearly 8.9 million Australians heading overseas in 2013-14 on holiday or business to Europe, U.S., Asia and other destinations. Many people would love to travel more often but airfare (that adds up to several thousands of dollars for a typical family of four), […]

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women prefer home business

Today’s Working Woman: There’s No Place Like Home

The days when mum stayed home in her apron, planning meals and cleaning house while dad toiled away at his job are a thing of the past. In recent decades, women have increasingly joined the workforce, due in part to large mortgages, double car payments, holidays and generally living a more expensive lifestyle than families […]

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